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Commercial & Residential

Our plastering gangs are skilled and extremely experienced. We are experts on applying fillers on wood, metal, GRP and Carbon Fiber surfaces. We will repair the surface before applying any plaster, filler and coatings.

Reliable, friendly & hard working.

We are Constructionline Accredited!

Cement Rendering

Cement Rendering

Traditional cement and sand plastering for internal and external finishing. Ideal for uneven surfaces if you need excellent finish and paint effects. Non-toxic & good abrasion resistant. It has a tendency to crack if the underlying substrate moves. Requires regular repainting to look good. Several coating required.

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche Rendering

High performance exterior coating type. Ideal for both brick and block-work. Monocouche renders are an exterior finish applied to buildings that provides decoration and protection from the elements. Thickness of the render should be around 15mm in depth. Less prone to cracking compared to cement and sand. No regular repainting required.



Often used in external insulation. Don't forget K-Render is a brand, feel free to chose other brands of silicone render products. Advantages are water-repellent, breathable, low maintenance and comes in many colours. Silicon based renders are breathable whereas cement and acrylic renders completely seal off the wall.

Dry Lining

dry lining

Dry lining for commercial and residential clients. Flexible and mobile service anywhere within the UK.

Taping & Joining

Taping and joining

Taping, joining and plastering service. We travel anywhere within UK for contract work.

Rendering & Plastering

redndering service uk

Quality rendering & plastering service for residential and commercial clients.

17 years experience! Tel: 07724557911


Skilled in filler and plastering work on wood, metal, concrete and steel!

Skilled & experienced in all types of plastering and filler work. FREE estimate! Our experience is vast, we have done palstering & filler work for high-end clients across Europe.