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resin floor waterproofing

Resin Flooring Specialists in London

Top Quality and reliable service

Don't spend fortune on waterproofing your floor. We are a service provider, we don't sell paints. This means we can give you advice without trying to sell our own products.

Resin fllooring can be beautiful and watertight depending on what system you need. We have 17 years experience in applying resin and fillers on large surfaces.

Resin Epoxy Flooring for Shops

resin and epoxy flooring

Resin flooring system application for retail shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and hair dressing saloons with beautiful finish.

Resin Flooring for Warehouses

warehouse resin flooring

We apply various resin paint systems to warehouses, commercial shops, offices, Gyms, car parks and libraries with beautiful finish!

Residential Resin Flooring

residential resin flooring

If you need any part of your residential property to be watertight & waterproof we can help you. Please call us to find out more.

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