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exterior painters


Skilled and experienced subcontractors. Service throughout the UK

Do you need short-term subcontractors to help you to complete a project? We travel anywhere for work. If you have a project which will last longer than 1 week please call us.

30 tradesmen ready to travel for work anywhere within the UK & Europe. 17 years experience in the industry.

Experience in painting, grinding, blasting, spray-painting and decorating. Experience on large residential and industrial surfaces. We paint houses, warehouses, offices, hospitals, Superyachts, yachts, aircrafts and industrial plants.

spray painting subcontractors

£19 p.h.

Our typical cost for spray painting service is £19 p.h. Please call for pricework rates.

Exterior and Interior Painting

£17 p.h.

Plastering and rendering service with best prices in London and the UK. We travel anywhere in the UK for work.

Subcontractor Rendering

£18 p.h.

Services to main contractors anywhere in the UK. We are flexible & mobile, we travel to any site within the UK for work.